JOKEY wins the pack THE FUTURE AWARD 2018

A few days ago, in Paris at the 4ALLPACK packaging trade fair, the JOKEY's product MULTI-PACK 185 received the pack THE FUTURE AWARD 2018 in the ECO Design category. The packaging bucket is manufactured using recycled materials.


The pack The Future Award for sustainable plastic packaging is organised by the French plastic packaging association ELIPSO and its German counterpart IK. Overall, 48 packaging innovations were entered in this year’s competition.  

The award-winning Jokey-Multi-Pack 185 (JMP 185) is made of grey-coloured secondary raw materials, which come from post-consumer plastic packaging. It is just as durable and functional as a comparable bucket made of new plastic. The recycled packaging also satisfies every demand in terms of advertising effectiveness: the grey container can be attractively decorated with a PP-IML which has a uniform material. Even smart features such as fragrance, watermarks and other attributes can be integrated.

The lid and handle of the Jokey-Multi-Pack are made of new plastic and can be dyed to any colour. In addition, maximum robustness is guaranteed when carrying, opening and closing. The lid and handle can also be made with recycled materials, however. Of course, the recycled packaging can also be completely recycled again after use.

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